Sleep Science

The Science of Sleep was researched from the early ‘50’s when REM (rapid eye movement) was discovered in 1953. In this state we dream the most and sleep the deepest and where the most positive and restorative effects of sleep occur.

Sleep is vital to our lives in so many different ways. We heal the body and the brain consolidates memories whilst we sleep. This means the brain needs sleep to learn effectively.

Lack of sleep diminishes your attention, concentration, thereby affecting your problem solving abilities. The Falcon Sport Mattress is scientifically proven to improve your sleep.

The Fabric

The cover provided with the Falcon Sport Mattress is fully removable and can be washed at 30* to ensure that the mattress is hygienically clean at all times.

The design of the cover is such that the specially designed aerated side panels work in conjunction with the castellation’s to provide a continuous air flow throughout the mattress. This continuous airflow will help to maintain a regulated body temperature throughout the night. The cover’s thermo-regulating ability aims to keep the body at the correct temperature to allow the brain to understand to go into ‘sleep mode’.

To ensure that your mattress arrives pristinely clean and can be transported again should you move the mattress come with its own fabric mattress bag. This can be removed on delivery and kept safe for future use.

The Mattress

The foam used is widely recognised amongst the medical fields for its consistent performance and advanced support performance.

The foam’s ‘close cell structure’ and castellation design works harder than any other foam on the UK market to ensure any body shape or size is cradled and fully supported throughout the night.

The superior postural support is enhanced by the castellation system that is cut into the top surface of the foam.
As with any medically advanced, ulcer-relieving mattress, the Falcon Sport Mattress uses the same castellation technology to achieve a pressure-relieving sport mattress. This pressure relieving technology will continue to benefit the user long after you have made a full recovery from any sport injury.

Each castellation will work independently to support every part of your body and reduce roll together with your partner.

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