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Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno

Strength and Conditioning Coach/Consultant

Academic Achievements

I hold a Degree in Physical Education Teaching and a Degree in Exercise & Sport Science and an MPhil in Sport Performance.

In addition, I enjoyed a five-month research period thanks to a Research Scholarship at Manchester Metropolitan University, as part of my nearly completed PhD programme.

Training Achievements in the World of Sport

As a trained runner who has competed at both Club and National level I have first-hand experience of High Level Performance Athletics.

My professional career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach has led me to train-

Tennis and Basketball teams in Spain
Basketball teams in the UK which have included the England and Great Britain Women’s Teams
Manchester Futsal Club
England Futsal National Team
England National Beach Soccer Team
Gillingham Football Club
Workington Association Football Club
My professional career as a Coach has led me to work as-

Goalkeeper and Assistant Coach for Manchester Futsal Club
Head Coach for Sheffield FC Futsal Club
The Science of Sleep

With all this background in high performance I know that elite athletes must train very hard to achieve their goals.

Training hard is as important as scheduling proper recovery time. Sleep is an essential factor in the athlete’s recovery.

Science has shown that with the proper amount of sleep-

A tennis player boosts their hitting accuracy by 42% during depth drills
A swimmer improves their reaction time off the blocks by 17%
American Football players drop 0.1 second off their 40 yard dash times
Split second decisions/ reactions are improved by 4.3%
And a 20-30 minute ‘power nap’ improves alertness by 100%
The adverse side of sleep deprivation has been scientifically proved to-

A 30-40% reduction in glucose metabolism and an 11% reduction in time to exhaustion
2 days of sleep restriction can lead to 3 x increase in lapses of attention and reactivity
The maximum bench press drop 20lbs after 4 days of restricted sleep
The sense of exertion increases by 17-19% after 30 hours without sleep, so we train at a far lower rate
Therefore, with all the scientific evidence athletes should schedule proper recovery time and sleep to ensure optimum performance.

Athletes will recover better from injuries if they sleep well and the choice of mattress is paramount for comfort and support. Not all mattresses will meet up to the demands as an aid to recovery.

But a Falcon Sport Mattress has been designed with those needs and requirements in mind to help you get a deep sleep providing recovery and regeneration necessary to perform consistently at a high level.

So I conclude that my endorsement of the Falcon Mattress is based on my knowledge of the Sports World and the ability of an expertly designed mattress to achieve a truly restful and restorative nights sleep.


Oliver O’Neill

Doctor and International Futsal Football Player

My Involvement in Sport:

I joined Crystal Palace as a 10 year old spending 3 years in the Acadamy before being signed by Fulham F.C. I stayed at Fulham for four years making two appearances in the reserves. I went to University at 18 playing for the Uni 1st XI before taking up Futsal for Sheffield and Hallam Futsal club aged 22.

I made my first England appearance in 2009 against Israel.

I have played in 17 Internationals since then and I am currently playing for Sheffield Futsal Club.

Importance of Sleep and Performance.

It is well known that growth hormone is released during sleep and as a result sleep is of great importance to an athlete.

After training and breaking down muscle the body needs to recover. Good sleep allows for growth hormone to strengthen fatigued muscle to enable the body to perform at the peak of fitness for the next day.

There is also a need to be mentally rested which good quality sleep will help achieve. This will improve overall concentration whilst performing in either sport or any work related situation.

As a Doctor sleep is especially important for mental recovery and this can apply to sleep during the day whilst working night shifts.

This has an obvious impact on safety at work as Doctors are more at risk of errors when tired, as are sportsmen!

During the recovery phase in sleep, an athlete does not want to be dehydrated by a mattress that is too hot and absorbs sweat.

This makes the choice of mattress vital on two levels for both comfort and hydration. A mattress which can provide constant air flow for that reason is as important as comfort. It is a well known medical fact that we have a ‘more disturbed’ nights sleep if our natural body temperature is raised, even if only by a few degrees.

From A Doctor’s Perspective

As a Doctor I find it is especially important to have a comfortable and good quality mattress.

Due to the shift work you may find yourself having to sleep through the day which can be difficult due to noise, daylight and simply trying to adjust your bodyclock. Having a good mattress will not eliminate these difficulties but make it a lot easier to sleep at odd hours.

It is important to have good quality sleep to be refreshed physically and mentally for the next shift. It can help process what you have done through the day, helping you to remember what you have learnt and therefore improve as a clinician.

Sleep is a known medical ‘refresher’ it is when we consolidate the days events and often missed memories can be recalled when we wake.

In short having a good mattress is just what the Doctor ordered and so my endorsement of the Falcon Mattress is backed by my medical experience and my experience as a Sportman!!

Anthony Chapman

Personal Trainer and Gym Owner | 10 years of experience

Photo Diet

Sleep is an essential component of staying healthy. Problems with sleep can be caused by many different factors. Some of these factors are harder to control and change than others, such as emotional or work related factors.

But if you are having sleep issues an area we can all review and address is simply the type of mattress we sleep on. Are you sleep-deprived through an uncomfortable and unsupportive mattress?

As we spend on average a 1/3rd of our lives in bed this is an important decision and one that we should put time and effort into ensuring we get correct.

As a Personal trainer and Gym Owner I exercise regularly, as do my clients, to increase our ability to get that all allusive ‘good nights’ sleep. As exercise can put strain on your joints and muscles the body needs time to recover and where necessary to repair. All of this is done whilst we sleep.

In order to repair muscle fibers, the body utilizes satellite cells to fuse and repair the damage. All of this is done whilst we sleep and it is recommended that all athletes work at least 8 hours of sleep into their training programs.

Diet is also an important factor in staying healthy. But weight and diet is also linked to sleep.

It is a well known medical fact that people who sleep less can actually put weight on even if following a recognized diet. Sleep loss has been shown to affect the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite.

Fat storage can also increase due to sleep loss as the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates is inhibited, which leads to high levels of blood sugar. Excess blood sugar promotes overproduction of insulin, which can lead to the storage of body fat.

So to stay healthy and fit we all need to ensure we get a ‘really good nights sleep’.

If that means we have to replace a tried and worn mattress then the benefits far out weigh the cost. My endorsement of the Falcon Sport Mattress is based on my training and recovery experience.

Jeff Cole

Sports Therapist Level 5 Diploma with Distinction in Advanced Sports Therapy | 7 years in practice:

Benefits of Sleep to Aid Recovery

Muscular recovery is required after intense strength and endurance exercise.

As your body enters into the deep sleep stage of rest, the pituitary gland releases growth hormone. This stimulates tissue growth and muscle repair. Lack of sleep and changes in sleep quality cause a sharp decline in growth hormone secretion. Growth hormone deficiency is associated with increased obesity, loss of muscle mass and reduced exercise capacity.

Your muscles require additional sleep and recovery time after injury and surgery. This means if you are rehabilitating a sports injury or are in post-operative therapy, you should consider that your body needs an extra amount of sleep to heal.

One night of missed sleep will probably do little harm, but the cumulative effect of poor sleep will have a negative impact on your muscles. Be sure to choose the right sleep product for your recovery and growth.

For all the above reasons my endorsement of the Falcon Sport Mattress is backed by scientific facts and statistics.


Curtis Holmes

Sports Lecturer

My name is Curtis Holmes. I am a Lecturer in Sports Science and Biology at New College, Nottingham.

I have been playing for the England National Futsal Team for nearly 5 years now, with around 40 caps. I am the goalkeeper and proud Captain of Sheffield Futsal Club who have recently been crowned champions of the Northern League for the third time in four seasons.

I base my game on being agile, athletic and having a physical presence on the court, which requires a lot of hard work off the court and in the gym.

With my background in sports science, I fully understand that any hard work can easily be undone by lack of sleep and recovery. Sleep is an essential part of my training and development as an international Futsal player. Since I have been using the Falcon Sports Mattress I have been sleeping soundly at night, which has led to quicker recovery between sessions, being able to maintain a higher intensity in the gym and ultimately better performances on the Futsal court.

As an active competitor in Sport and my scientific training, my endorsement of the Falcon Sport Mattress, is based on my personal needs and the needs of teaching my students the real importance of sleep and the benefits of an expertly designed mattress.